Kayla was an essential and indispensable person in every facet of planning our daughter’s wedding. Her creativity and organizational skills were fabulous. Without question, it was Kayla’s love of people and her gracious interpersonal skills that made the wedding remarkable, and the memory of planning it remains a warm high note. It became clear to me very quickly that Kayla was creative, caring, organized, cheerful, thorough, thoughtful, industrious, patient, kind, and motivated to host a memorable event. In short, Kayla had a rare combination of gifts and I really enjoyed working with her.


Kayla was a good listener and able to see the big picture. She broke it down into specific details, tasks and timelines. We met regularly to review practical details and worked together and separately on do-it-yourself creative projects.  Kayla was always available and accessible to help with any question that came up. She was patient, collaborative, communicative and gracious with us and struck a nice balance of caring for the needs of everyone involved, from the bride and groom, the family, the vendors, and the guests who attended the wedding. And she did it within budget!


The wedding day was beautiful. Kayla approached the day with endless energy and met the challenge of the day with confidence, independence, determination, and good cheer. We are so very grateful to Kayla for the warm memories we have of planning that day as well as the day itself. With deep gratitude and without hesitation, we recommend Kayla as an event planner.

When we started talking about hiring a wedding planner I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about the idea. We had planned (what I thought was) a large portion of our wedding prior to contacting Kayla and I wasn’t sure that we needed help. I could not have been more wrong. Kayla was vital to our wedding. She helped us work through a lot of the day’s blind spots, worked with our vendors to make sure everything lined up correctly with our venue, ran our rehearsal, among other things. Most importantly, she took a leadership role the day of our wedding that was invaluable. She met with us and learned what we thought was important and how we wanted the day to run, and then kept us from having to deal with problems and questions all day. She worked so hard and it allowed us to focus on our day and enjoy every second without the stress of running interference on problems. I’m so happy with our decision to hire Kayla, and I know it wouldn’t have run so smoothly or been so perfect without her.


Kayla of Juneberry Weddings & Events is a joy to work with on every level! From start to finish, she is thoughtful, patient, detail-oriented, creative and kind. When emailing or face-to-face, we loved working with Kayla on weddings when she needed our rental services. She would come into the shop with an idea and start working her magic! And after the event, she always remembered to share the photos (while crediting the photographer of course). We love seeing how displays come together and she always knocks them out of the park!

I had the pleasure of working with Kayla on one of her first events. Had she not told me, I would never have known that she hadn't been doing this for years. She was so kind, extremely well prepared and incredibly organized. She was a joy to work with in every aspect of the wedding. As a Photographer, it is so nice to partner with someone like Kayla. She kept me well informed before, during and even after the wedding. She is exactly who you want to have in your corner for your wedding or event. If you're looking to hire a wedding coordinator, stop searching and trust Kayla to make it memorable.

Kayla was fantastic to work with in the planning process for my son’s wedding. She had a realistic timeline and was very detail-oriented throughout the entire process leading up to the wedding day. Even when there seemed like so much to do, Kayla always remained calm, confident and in control. It was reassuring to know that we could count on her to make sure every last detail would happen, without a hitch, the day of the wedding. Kayla was knowledgeable, made use of good resources and communicated well with me any time I had questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Kayla for assistance with planning a wedding!


Kayla was the event planner for a beautiful wedding and reception that took place on our property and in our barn. We found her incredibly easy to work with. Kayla is detail oriented, thorough, diligent, hard working and on top of deadlines. She is an excellent planner and manager. It may sound as if she is all business but we experienced her as very thoughtful, friendly and people oriented. She is also very creative and is one who see possibilities. We would highly recommend Kayla for any event or wedding.

As a photographer, I loved working with Kayla! She checked in with me well before the wedding to share the timeline and kept me updated as it needed to be adjusted. She asked for my input on how and when certain photographs should be taken. She made sure I knew all of the important details. And she kept open lines of communication throughout the entire planning process. Kayla is proactive, optimistic, and calm, making her a total asset on wedding day! Oh, and by the way - she has great artistic vision and creates beautifully stylized wedding decor & details too! I would highly recommend Kayla to any bride and groom.


At first I had planned on doing everything myself for our wedding and I didn't think I needed help, but I found that I really did need guidance. I had been contracting in California, which meant I was flying there every single week. Kayla met with vendors, created milestones, hand-crafted decor items, and most importantly, advised me with the budget. In the week preceding the wedding, she did all the last-minute preparations. The day of the wedding, everything looked beautiful and everyone involved knew when and where they were supposed to be at all times. I couldn't have done this without her and highly recommend her to any bride!


Kayla served as a wedding planner for my daughter's wedding. Much of the advance work as done by the bride herself, sometimes with my assistance. But Kayla stayed aware and was ready to jump in as needed whenever asked. Prior to the event, she personally met with the DJ to discuss logistics. She also toured the venue and met with the barn owners to develop a working relationship and troubleshoot. She provided the bride with helpful checklists and helped problem solve throughout the process.


Kayla helped the bride and many of the party, as well as myself, with set-up the day before. On the wedding day, she had a full understanding of how things were to flow and how the bride wanted the barn to look. As vendors arrived, she checked and double checked her lists to make sure everyone knew what was expected of them. In addition, we had people setting up the lawn for the ceremony. Most of these people came with questions and some problems that needed resolution. I can't imagine how this would have gone without Kayla. My day would have been very hectic.


Once the event was underway, she worked quietly in the background to keep things moving along as needed. At the end of the night, Kayla was the last one out the door, with a car packed with items to deliver to the bride and groom's apartment. She problem solved in the months leading up to the wedding and totally supported our needs on the day of. She was a key member of our team and I would recommend her without hesitation.

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