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Hi, I’m Kayla.  Thanks for stopping by!  If I don't already know you, I hope we get to meet someday.  As Will Rogers put it, a stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet.  Any one who knows me well knows that I love people.  The best weddings and celebrations I have attended are the ones where I leave with a full heart, thankful for the company of incredible people and the blessing it is to share life with them.  Although I have been known to become absolutely giddy over charming decor and thoughtful details, these things are not what truly make me tick.  Celebrations are about people and that is why I love them.


I find great joy in the joy of others, and one of the privileges I have as an event planner is being present to witness and share the joy of others as they celebrate the most important occasions and moments in their lives.  I am a believer in learning to see and celebrate the beauty of everyday life as much as possible, yet there is a reason that we gather all our loved ones together at certain, special times in life.  Celebrations are like a time capsule, a snapshot of the beauty of our lives, captured in a single moment, giving us sweet memories to cherish for years to come.  My desire is to help you be able to be fully present for these moments, to absorb every ounce of love with your friends and family, and create memories you will never forget.


I do this by ensuring your event is well-planned, and designed to reflect who you are and how you want to celebrate.  I handle the logistics and behind-the-scenes tasks of hosting an event so that when the day comes, you can do nothing but relax, enjoy, and celebrate the moment fully.  My goal is for people to be cared for and relationships to be prioritized throughout the planning process.  Hosting a quality event takes a great deal of time and effort.  It often involves compromise and making difficult decisions, but honoring your relationships should never be sacrificed.


Whether you're planning an intimate dinner party for your closest friends, a baby shower, birthday party, or a wedding, I'd love to meet you to talk more about how I can help you make your celebration one that you'll never forget!



Living in a world saturated with wedding inspiration and images from Pinterest, magazines, and blogs galore, it is easy to become overwhelmed!  Many people know what they love when they see it and have big dreams for what their wedding or celebration could look like, but struggle to translate abstract thoughts into beautiful, cohesive, and well-styled events.  Whether you already have a sense of your style or have no clue where to start, creative services are for those who could use the help of an expert with an eye for design to bring the event to life!


Juneberry Weddings & Events offers a wide range of design and creative services, including overall creative direction, design consultation, graphic design and branding, event styling, and handmade custom decor.  Design services are available a la carte, but are typically added on with planning and event management.




Details, details, details.  Quality events are created with not only a grand vision, but with great attention to detail and always keeping the guest experience in mind.  Every level of Juneberry planning services comes with the highest level of personal care for you and the details of your special day.


Regardless of how much time and how many months you have spent planning your day, you want to be able to kick back and enjoy the moment when it comes.  Wedding Day Management is for those who have the planning and preparation covered, but want a professional to manage the details of the day and provide oversight during the final weeks leading up to the event.  Juneberry Weddings & Events takes a comprehensive approach to Wedding Day Management, not only executing what you have planned but providing consultation on all logistic aspects of your wedding to ensure nothing has been overlooked.


If you would like to take care of coordinating the details but could benefit from an organizational system, personal check-ins, and consultation along the way, Guided Coordination is a great option to help the planning process run smoothly and give you confidence that you’re on the right path.  If you would prefer to have an expert walk with you through every aspect of the planning process or to take care of the details for you, Full Service Planning will best meet your needs.


All planning and event management services begin at $1,800.  For complete pricing and service details, shoot me an email or give me a call to set up a complimentary consultation.  I would love to meet you and hear about your upcoming event!

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